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The Equalizer

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[[Castiel]] proves to be unable to heal the wound it inflicted upon Sam, stating that the wound has an energy he has never felt before. The shot also has a negative effect on God, who in His wounded state is no longer at full strength or complete, and is afraid. The bullet creates a quantum link between Sam and God, causing Sam to feel pain from the wound when God does. Sam is also capable of seeing into Chuck's mind, witnessing the various [[Chuck's Endings|possible endings]] to his stories where one brother kills the other in the form of nightmares.
The [[shaman]] [[Sergei]] reveals to Eileen and Castiel that Sam's wound goes all the way down to his soul. Sam's wound, and soul are thethered tethered to Chuck, making it so that if Sam's soul is forced to stretch from his body too far and for too long, it may snap and kill Sam.

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