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15.06 Golden Time
Following the return of [[Eileen Leahy]] as a [[ghost]], Dean suggests creating another Soul Catcher and sends Sam to Rowena's Apartment to find her stash, suggesting that Sam can make one as he was Rowena's protégé. With the help of Eileen, Sam finds Rowena's magical stash, including journals of her spellwork throughout her life, and he becomes emotional at the reminder of his dead friend. Among Rowena's journals, Sam finds a [[resurrection]] spell Rowena had been creating to bring [[Mary Winchester]] back, one that Sam realizes can be used to bring back Eileen. Sam is subsequently captured by the remaining two witches, who suggest that Rowena specifically excluded Sam from being harmed by the curse because she wanted him to inherit her magical stash once she was gone. Sam is later able to kill the [[Witch Mother]] with a spell Rowena taught him and use Rowena's resurrection spell to bring back Eileen.
===[[15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't In Heaven]]===
The Winchesters and [[Castiel]] use a spell from one of [[Rowena's Spellbooks]] to enter [[Hell]] in search of [[Michael]]. As the three fight with [[demons]], they are shocked when Rowena interrupts them. Rowena explains that following her death, she was able to seize control of Hell for herself and has now become the new Queen of Hell. Though she knows Michael may not be in Hell anymore, Rowena directs her demons to search for the [[archangel]] and reassures Sam that he did the right thing in killing her. Noticing tension between Dean and Castiel, Rowena, noting her own list of regrets from life, urges the two to make amends. However, a demon brings word that Michael is no longer in Hell, forcing the Winchesters and Castiel to leave empty-handed.

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