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Lilith's Chamber

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When [[God]] decided to initiate the end and opened a [[Portal|rupture to Hell]], it causes every door in Hell to open, including Lilith's Chamber. The demons and damned souls who did not take the opportunity to escape at first chance raided the chamber before the arrival of [[Castiel]] and Belphegor, including Malfayan. Castiel was able to open the box containing the Crook, only to be attacked by [[Ardat]] who reveals Belphegor really intends to use the Crook to gain power for himself. Castiel is forced to [[smiting|smite]] Belphegor, burning [[Jack]]'s corpse to a charred skeleton and destroying the Crook. Jack's corpse was apparently left in Lilith's Chamber when Castiel escaped from Hell.
When the Winchesters and Castiel return to Hell in search of [[Michael]], they arrive near Lilith's Chamber and have a brawl with several demons outside. It is here that they learn that [[Rowena]] is the new Queen of Hell.

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