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|text= I don't care about anything enough to take my own life. Not youhave many regrets, your brother -- not even but the worldfew I do still haunt me. But I believe in prophecyMaking Napoleon so short was just bitchy. Telling Mick Jagger he had no future when I believe in magicdumped him. And I'm here , well, everything with dear Fergus. Then one day, you die and go to Hell, they make you Queen and youcan're here and everything we need to end this t make it right is in our hands. I know this in my bones -- So, fix it has to be this way. Do it! Kill me, Samuel! I know we've gotten quite fond of each other, haven't we? But will you let the world die, let your brother die, just so I can live?
|author= Rowena
|source= [[15.03 The Rupture08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven]]
In 2018, Rowena began killing people and their [[reapers]] to get [[Death]]'s attention, as she blamed herself for Crowley's death and the path that her abandonment led him down in life. During this, the reaper [[Jessica]] reveals that in the book [[Death]] keeps on her, it is written that she will die by Sam Winchester's hand. While death refused to bring Crowley back, the experience ended with Rowena deciding that working for the greater good will be her redemption. She subsequently aided the Winchesters in their efforts to return to [[Apocalypse World]] and on occasions when they needed her expertise on a situation or case.
In 2019, after the release of the [[Hell Ghosts]] upon the world, Rowena chose to sacrifice herself to save the world by using her own body to cast all of the souls and demons back into Hell. At Rowena's request, and with great reluctance, Sam was indeed the one who fatally stabbed Rowena. Following Rowena's death, Sam inherited [[Rowena's Spellbooks|her magical stash]], as it's suggested that she intended.
When the Winchesters and Castiel returned to Hell in search of [[Michael]], they discovered that Rowena's [[soul]] took up the empty position of Queen of Hell. Retaining her old personality, Rowena aided the Winchesters once again and even urged Dean and Castiel to mend their broken relationship.
===[[15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven]]===
:''"Samuel, please. You killing me was one of the best things that ever happened. Yes, there are things I miss about being alive, flesh-on-flesh sex, Amazon doesn't deliver here 'yet', but lads, I'm Queen. My subjects revere me, well 'fear me' which is better. I should have died a long time ago."''The Winchesters and [[Castiel]] use a spell from one of [[Rowena's Spellbooks]] to enter [[Hell]] in search of [[Michael]]. As the three fight with [[demons]], they are shocked when Rowena interrupts them. Rowena explains that following her death, she was able to seize control of Hell for herself and has now become the new Queen of Hell. Though she knows Michael may not be in Hell anymore, Rowena directs her demons to search for the [[archangel]] and reassures talks to the trio in her throne room. She talks about how the demons fear her and despite the things she misses in being alive, she absolves Sam for killing her, assuring him that he did dying was one of the right thing in killing best things that happened to her. Noticing tension between Dean and Castiel, Rowena, noting her own long list of regrets from life, urges the two to make amends. However, a demon brings word that Michael is no longer in Hell, forcing the Winchesters and Castiel to leave empty-handed.

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