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Powers and abilities
* [[Healing]] – Michael, like all angels, can heal any wounds or injuries. After being hit with a Molotov of holy oil, Michael was able to heal the injures sustained from contact with holy fire.
* Mental manipulation – Michael is capable of erasing specific memories from a person's mind, as he does with [[John]] and [[Mary Winchester]]. He later erased an entire diner's memories of his encounter with [[Lilith]] simply by commanding it and then snapping his fingers.<ref name="fifteen08" />
* [[Portal]] creation – With just a snap of his fingers, Michael opened a portal to [[Purgatory]].<ref name="fifteen08" /> This is a feat that even his fellow archangel [[Raphael]] couldn't accomplish, requiring a powerful spell procured by [[Crowley]] instead.<ref name="six22" >[[6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much]]</ref>
* [[Resurrection]] – Michael can revive the deceased as he did with [[Sam Winchester]].<ref name="five13" />
* [[Sedation]] – He can render people unconscious.

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