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The archangels have an ability to manipulate reality, which Gabriel in particular embraces. Gabriel can construct alternate realities and time loops, and control who is aware of the situation. He can create things out of thin air, including murderous accomplices and duplicates of himself.<ref name="two15">[[2.15 Tall Tales]]</ref> Gabriel can change the appearance of objects, as he proved when he made a can of diet Orange Slice look like his archangel blade,<ref name="five19" /> and can change his own form.<ref name="three11" /> Lucifer claims to have taught Gabriel all his "tricks," and uses some of them himself. Lucifer appears to his vessel Nick as Sarah, Nick's murdered wife, and makes him see blood in his bed and his dead child's crib. Lucifer appears in Sam's dreams as [[Jess]] as well. He later does the same thing to [[Vince Vincente]] by making him see blood in a sink faucet, levitating objects, and impersonating his dead wife.<ref name="three11" /><ref name="five03" /><ref name="five10" /><ref name="twelve02">[[12.02 Mamma Mia]]</ref> While possessing Adam Milligan, Michael is able to manifest to his vessel in the waking world as an exact duplicate of Adam so they can communicate as easily as if they were two regular people having a conversation. This manifestation is more of a hallucination, however and is not a physical duplicate with only Adam being able to perceive Michael. Michael's manifestation is extremely realistic to the point that he can, to Adam's eyes at least, pick up a French fry and pace around a room during an argument.<ref name="fifteen08" />
Every archangel apparently possesses knowledge of [[Lucifer's Cage]] and how it works, above and beyond the existence of [[the 66 Seals]]. Michael understands the prison very well because he cast Lucifer into it. Lucifer, having been imprisoned in the Cage for thousands of years, knew how to escape through the 66 Seals and also by taking advantage of a loophole found in the summoning spell from the ''[[Book of the Damned]]'' to escape.<ref name="eleven10" /> Gabriel knew that the Cage can be reopened with the Horsemen's Rings,<ref name="five19" /> and Lucifer, despite Gabriel's word, knows this too.<ref name="five22" /> Raphael may have known of another method to open the Cage, as he intended to reopen it to restart the Apocalypse.<ref name="six03" /> In addition, Michael at least possesses knowledge of the spell that locked the Darkness away and by extension, can be used to trap a weakened God.<ref name="fifteen08" /> Despite being extremely powerful beings, the archangels as individuals possess powers greater or weaker than each other depending on their ages. For example, Gabriel was no match for either a fully-powered Lucifer while he himself was at full power<ref name="five19" /> or the alternate Michael.<ref name="thirteen22" /> At full power, Lucifer was also no match for the alternate Michael despite being far more powerful than Gabriel.<ref name="thirteen02" /> While [[Raphael]] required a spell uncovered by Crowley and Castiel to open a portal to [[Purgatory]],<ref name="six22" /> the far more powerful Michael could open a portal to the realm with just a snap of his fingers.<ref name="fifteen08" />
Archangels can grant their [[vessel]] access to some of their powers even while the vessel is in control, making the archangel effectively act as a power source. In this state, the vessel is also capable of using an [[archangel blade]] against other archangels no matter who's in control.<ref name="thirteen23" />

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