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Lineage the Series

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[[File:Lineage.png{{delete|thumb|250px]] == '''Lineage''' =='''''Lineage''''' is a planned series based off of [[The CW]]'s ''[[Supernatural]]''.<ref></ref> It was originated and planned According to be directed by Victoria King. <br> In February of 2019 a the offical Twitter page by the name of @Lineage_Series brought ''Supernatural'' fans their first knowledge of account for Lineage this series. <br>The first season is planned to be released on streaming networks<ref></ref><ref></ref> after the end of [[season 15]].<br>King plans to travel around hoping to involve fans as much as possible in the making of the show. A handful of casting positions are open as well, such as hunters, monsters, and demons.<br>The first season is currently planned to consist of 13 episodes, and air possibly in 2020. ==Summary==Expanding the world of ''[[Supernatural]]'', ''Lineage'' follows the lives of Mireya and Annabelle Collins. Several years ago, the [[angels]] had fallen to [[Earth]], [[Heaven]] had closed its gates, and in the midst of the chaos, a seemingly indifferent [[demon]] and an outcasted [[angel]] found centuries of love together. They were blessed with their daughters, Mireya and Annabelle. They were born from their angel mother, Cassandra and their demon father, Deacon. This created half-angel and half-demon creatures known as "Arkosios". Tragedy eventually came, however, and Sage, a natural-gifted [[witch]], took in the girls, protecting them for those who’d seek to hunt them or use the girls for their powers. Years later, the girls have become monster hunters, struggling with controlling their abilities, handling relationships, and the journey on what it means to be human, and what it means to be a [[monster]]. ==Characters=====Main Cast===*Amanda Hon as Mireya Collins *Christie Marie Leone as Annabelle Collins ===Recurring Cast===*Kevin Sanders as Jackson Harper*Tamalii Campbell as Draven "The Raven" Bancroft*Lexington Abellera as Braxton Westbrook*Kristi Sustrick as Sage Lovecraft*D.L. Monico as Calix Everhart*Dean W. as Lance "Layla" Westbrook *Ian Foote as Zaaron Westbrook*Spencer Debenham as Charmeine*Steve Delgado as Officer Harrison*Victoria Kelemen as Kara*Faith Lancaster as Ravana*Kahala Pacrem as Loveta Wakefield*Nick Payne as Malik*Matthew Tarricone as Deacon Collins*Tonya Todd as Willow*Jasmine Yvonne as Lamia Savage*TBA as Cassandra Collins*TBA as Jonathan Harper*TBA as [[Lucifer]]*TBA as The Quinns*TBA as Vivian*TBA as Zeke ==Production Team==*Victoria King - Creator/Lead Screenwriter/Director*Dean W. - Lead Screenwriter/"Posing" Showrunner*Kristi Sustrick - Executive Producer/Legal Department*Lexington Abellera - Executive Producer/SAG Affiliate/Casting Director*Amanda Hon - HR Department*D.L. Monico - HR Department/Camera Operator*Ian Foote - Camera Operator/Lighting Specialist*Tristan Pete - Camera Operator/Lighting Specialist/Audio Technician*Danielle Patton - P.A #1*Nicolle Patton - P.A #2 ==Episodes=====Season 1===*'''''Pilot'''isn''**Airdate TBA**01 1.01**Written by Victoria King & Dean W.**Directed by Victoria King**Summary Two monster-hunting sisters Mireya and Annabelle, discover there is something strange about them. They discover the dangerous truth of "what" they are. They are set on t a journey to figure out who they are as people. Or are they just monsters? [[Hunters]] they are running from seem to believe so.  *'''''TBA'''''**Airdate TBA**02 1.02**Written by TBA**Directed by TBA**Summary TBA *'''''TBA'''''**Airdate TBA**03 1.03**Written by TBA**Directed by TBA**Summary TBA *'''''TBA'''''**Airdate TBA**04 1.04**Written by TBA**Directed by TBA**Summary TBA *'''''TBA'''''**Airdate TBA**05 1.05**Written by TBA**Directed by TBA**Summary TBA *'''''TBA'''''**Airdate TBA**06 1.06**Written by TBA**Directed by TBA**Summary TBA *'''''TBA'''''**Airdate TBA**07 1.07**Written by TBA**Directed by TBA**Summary TBA *'''''TBA'''''**Airdate TBA**08 1.08**Written by TBA**Directed by TBA**Summary TBA *'''''TBA'''''**Airdate TBA**09 1.09**Written by TBA**Directed by TBA**Summary TBA *'''''TBA'''''**Airdate TBA**10 1.10**Written by TBA**Directed by TBA**Summary TBA *'''''TBA'''''**Airdate TBA**11 1.11**Written by TBA**Directed by TBA**Summary TBA *'''''TBA'''''**Airdate TBA**12 1.12**Written by TBA**Directed by TBA**Summary TBA *'''''TBA'''''**Airdate TBA**13 1.13**Written by TBA**Directed by TBA**Summary TBA  ==Featured Supernatural Beings==*[[Angel]] (Charmeine, Cassandra Collins)*[[Archangel]] ([[Lucifer]])*Arkosios (Annabelle Collins, Mireya Collins)*[[Demon]] {Deacon Collins, Kara, Lamia, Ravana)*[[Witch]] (Draven Bancroft, Sage Lovecraft, Malik, Willow)==Trivia==*''Lineage'' is the third ''[[Supernatural]]'' spin-off attempt, with ''[[Supernatural: Bloodlines|Bloodlines]]'' and ''[[Supernatural: Wayward Sisters|Wayward Sisters]]'' being the first two.**However, ''Lineage'' is the first spin-off attempt to not have a backdoor pilot in ''Supernatural'' and be originated solely by fans.*Original story was about the daughters of [[Ben Braeden]] who try to follow their family's footsteps.**After the first trailer was presented in Burbank at the Creation: Giving Back event. Was looked thoroughly by several cast members presented at the con.**Project was scrapped and started over after the review.**Support from a new writer, CW consultants, cast, and many others. Towards this new direction of the story.*There is a possibility of Sage Lovecraft being related to [[Rowena MacLeod]]<ref></ref>.**The car the girls drive, 1993 Cadillac DeVille, is named after [[Rowena MacLeod]].*Actor [[Chad Lindberg]] who portrayed [[Ash]] has expressed his support for the show<ref></ref><ref></ref>.*Victoria King named the Haydn Wash Mall in ''Lineage'' after actor [[David Haydn-Jones]], who portrayed [[Arthur Ketch]]<ref></ref>*Victoria King stated that if [[Mark Pellegrino]], who portrayed [[Lucifer]], made a cameo in ''Lineage'' she would want him to be the opposite of Lucifer, such as a priest.<ref></ref>.**However, talks of Pellegrino, in fact, appearing as [[Lucifer]] rather than another character have taken place.*Victoria King has expressed the want for [[Osric Chau]], who portrayed [[Kevin Tran]], to make an appearance<ref></ref>*Lance Westbrook is Transmale. Female assigned at birth who follows a Male identity. FTM <ref></ref>**Lance is to be one of the few Transgender characters on [[CW]] if the show is picked up, following CW's [[Supergirl]]'s<ref></ref> Nia Nal/Dreamgirl.<ref></ref> Who was the first transgender superhero on TV.**Lance one of the very few transmale characters to ever exist on screen.**Portrayed by the actor; Dean W. Who is transmale.*The lead characters' last names "Collins" is a homage to the actor [[Misha Collins]] who plays [[Castiel]].**Misha had chosen the name for Mireya.*Annabelle's original name was "Bexley", was changed after drafts. "Too many Bexleys on TV."**Annabelle's name was inspired by the famous haunted doll "Annabelle"<ref></ref> from the famous cases by the paranormal investigators the Warrens.<ref></ref> ==Social Media==*Facebook:*Twitter:<references /> [[Category:Fandom]][[Category: Fan Projects]]}}

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