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A Very Merry Speightmas

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* Watch a [ A Very Merry Speightmas!]
==Lyrics==The gifts for each On the twelfth day of Speightmas areRichard gave to me:<br> 1: Twelve names a wide shot we'll never use dropping <br>2: a meal penaltyEleven tighter sizes<br>3: too many takesTen more stories<br>4: false movesNine interruptions <br>5: turn aroundsEight shots too many <br>6: 77 set ups<br>8: shots too manyDick needs another <br>Five turn arounds<br>9: interruptions Four false moves<br>10: more storiesThree a meal penalty<br>11: tighter sizesToo many takes<br>12: names and a dropping wide shot we'll never use. <br>
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