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The Colt

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Use of the Colt
'''Other Uses'''
* [[2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two]]: The Colt is used by [[Jake]] as a key to open the [[Devil's Gate in Wyoming]].
* [[3.04 Sin City]]: [[Ruby]] helps [[Bobby]] rebuild the Colt so and create new bullets for it will use any ammunition. [[Sam]] then uses it to kill [[Father Gil]] and [[Casey]]. This also marks the first time the Colt bullets now give off an orange-red hue when they kill a demon much like the bullet's effects with [[Azazel]], but now it is for every demon Sam and Dean use the Colt on.
* [[3.05 Bedtime Stories]]: Sam uses the Colt to kill a [[crossroads demon]].
* [[3.07 Fresh Blood]]: [[Dean]] shoots a [[vampire]] with it. This is the first time after Ruby helps Bobby make more bullets for the Colt, as well as the last time (so far), that we've seen the blue-colored hue being used after Dean kills the vampire. It can be suggested that the blue hue is only used against monsters now.

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