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Cassie Robinson

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As Cassie is preparing the paper's tribute to Jimmy, Dean shows up and the two have a conversation about their past relationship, and where it all went wrong. When Cassie tells Dean that she thought he told her that story because he wanted to get rid of her, he tells her he didn't, and was hurt by her actions. Cassie and Dean apologize to each other, and the two have sex.
Later, Dean and Cassie are at the newspaper office researching when they come across information on [[Cyrus Dorian]], and learn that Mayor Todd bulldozed the old Dorian home the day before Clayton Soames was killed. Later that night at Cassie's home, she hears a revving engine outside. Headlights shine through the slats of the blinds and she hurriedly closes them. The truck starts making passes at the house and Cassie, terrified, runs from room to room closing the blinds. She races for her phone and calls Dean. When Sam and Dean arrive, [[Mrs. Audrey Robinson|Cassie's mother]] ends up telling them all what really happened with Cyrus Dorian and Cassie's father all those years ago.
After Sam and Dean dispatch Cyrus Dorian's spirit, Dean hopes there may be some possibility of renewing things with Cassie, but she disagrees, saying she 'doesn't see much hope for them'. Despite this, Dean insists that he will return eventually; "Cassie, I'll see you, I will."

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