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Alternate Universe

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[[Fairies]] live in a realm separate from ours, although they can move between their world and ours. The land of Oz is situated in the fairy realm.<br>
:'''Episodes:''' [[6.09 Clap Your Hands If You Believe...]] and [[8.11 LARP and the Real Girl]].
[[Oz]] can be accessed from Earth through the use of a special key that turns any door into an entrance to Oz. The only other method of entry into Oz is through natural disasters like tornadoes, the eye of a hurricane, or whirlpools.<br>
:'''Episodes:''' [[9.04 Slumber Party]] and [[10.11 There's No Place Like Home]]
===French Mistake World===
[[Balthazar]] sends [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] into an alternate universe, ostensibly to keep the key to where all the [[angelic weapons]] are being stored safe from [[Raphael]]. They find themselves in a world where their lives are the basis of a TV show, and they are actually actors - [[Jared Padalecki]] and [[Jensen Ackles]]. In this universe spells don't work, and the supernatural doesn't exist. When they get back to their own universe, Sam and Dean find out the whole thing was a diversion so that [[Castiel]] could access the weapons.<br>
:'''Episodes:''' [[6.15 The French Mistake]]
'''Trivia:''' In Season Two of the series [ ''You''], a journalist refers to working on a story about Jared Padalecki. When asked about it, creator [[Sera Gamble]] said that the series took place in the same universe as [[6.15 The French Mistake]].
Apocalypse World is located in an [[alternate universe]], one in which the forces of [[Heaven]] and [[Hell]] are fighting in an eternal battle with humanity caught in the middle. It is connected to the normal world by a portal opened by the [[Nephilim]] son of Lucifer -- [[Jack]].<br>
:'''Episodes:''' [[12.23 All Along the Watchtower]], [[13.01 Lost and Found]], [[13.02 The Rising Son]], [[13.07 War of the Worlds]], [[13.09 The Bad Place]], [[13.14 Good Intentions]], [[13.18 Bring 'em Back Alive]], [[13.20 Unfinished Business]], [[13.21 Beat the Devil]], [[13.22 Exodus]]
===[[The Bad Place]]===
The "Bad Place" is a world located in an alternate universe, where giant monsters appear to be the dominant species of the planet.
:'''Episodes:''' [[13.09 The Bad Place]] and [[13.10 Wayward Sisters]]
===Scooby-Doo Universe===
[[Phantom Ghost Kid|A ghost]] sends Sam, Dean, and Castiel into a TV where they enter the world of Scooby-Doo, meet up with the Scooby Gang, and join forces to defeat the ghost.
:'''Episodes:''' [[13.16 Scoobynatural]]
===Tentacle Porn Land===
"Tentacle Porn Land", so dubbed by Dean, is the home of the tentacled cosmic deities [[Yokoth]] and [[Glythur]]. Not much is known of their universe other than that Yokoth and Glythur have consumed most of it.
:'''Episodes:''' [[13.17 The Thing]]
===Chuck's Endings===
In [[15.09 The Trap]], [[Chuck]] reveals that the [[Chuck's Endings|endings]] Sam has been seeing are not His drafts for possible endings for Sam and Dean but rather Chuck's memories of alternate reality Sams and Deans. These worlds also include alternate versions of [[Benny Lafitte]] and [[Lucifer]] while alternate versions of [[Jody Mills]] and [[Bobby Singer]] are mentioned.
:'''Episodes:''' [[15.01 Back and to the Future]], [[15.04 Atomic Monsters]], [[15.05 Proverbs 17:3]]
==AUs in Fanfiction==

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