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Supernatural in the U.K.

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Where to watch Supernatural in the UK
'''It has now been confirmed by E4 that Supernatural [[Season 14]] will be aired on E4 sometime in Spring 2019''' ''As of October 2019, 2020 and Season 15 will be aired on E4 has but no update release date as when Supernatural will be aired for UK viewersof yet.''
'''How do UK fans watch Supernatural?'''
The UK fans often have to resort to download/or find another way to view the current season. This is not something that they want to do, but to be able to be part of the fandom they need to keep up to date with the show. By not showing Supernatural Seasons/Episodes in line with the US air date the UK fans are being forced to do something illegal or risk being excluded from the fandom! The fandom which many say has not only enhanced but also saved their lives.<br>
UK fans can continue to put pressure on media channels to get the season premieres in line with US air dates.<br>
[[File: Save_SPNUK_in_Enocian.jpg|thumb|500px|centre| UK needs SPN in Enochian from Save SPN in UK Facebook page]]

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