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In [[15.01 Back and to the Future]], the demon [[Belphegor]] tells Dean that when [[Chuck]] began the end of the world, all of the doors in Hell sprung open, including Lucifer's Cage. Dean becomes worried about Michael, and Belphegor states that last he heard, Michael is still just sitting in the Cage. He muses that the archangel will want revenge if he does get out.
In [[15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven]], Michael , who retains his sanity, is revealed to have escaped from Hell, still in Adam's body and sharing control with his vessel. After learning from the [[Tablets#Demon Tablet|demon tablet]] that Michael might know something that could help them, the Winchesters and Castiel seek out the help of the archangel, taking him prisoner and trying to convince him of the threat from God. Disillusioned by their revelations, particularly Castiel's memories of God and the alternate Michael, Michael provides them with the spell to trap his father and opens a portal to [[Purgatory]] for them, but refuses to otherwise help and departs.
====[[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Apocalypse World Michael]]====

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