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It is speculated that following his imprisonment and Lucifer's re-imprisonment in the Cage, Michael and his brother abused and tortured Sam's [[soul]], which was left behind during Sam's resurrection. [[Death]] eventually travels to [[Hell]] rescues Sam's soul.
In [[11.10 The Devil in the Details]], Lucifer tells Sam "prison life" hasn't settled well with Michael and implies that Michael has gone insane. [[God]] later tells the Winchesters in [[11.22 We Happy Few]] that Michael is in no condition to fight [[the Darkness]]. Lucifer also makes comments about Michael's supposed insanity in [[12.18 17 The British Invasion]] and [[13.02 The Rising Son]].
In [[15.01 Back and to the Future]], the demon [[Belphegor]] tells Dean that when [[Chuck]] began the end of the world, all of the doors in Hell sprung open, including Lucifer's Cage. Dean becomes worried about Michael, and Belphegor states that last he heard, Michael is still just sitting in the Cage. He muses that the archangel will want revenge if he does get out.

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