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Following the creation of the four archangels, a strong relationship formed between Michael and [[Lucifer]]. After the creation of Heaven, archangels, and angels; God created the Earth, and later humans. God commanded all of his angels to bow before man. Lucifer questioned this command and retreated to Michael for support, but Michael would not listen. God then told Michael to exile Lucifer, and Michael obeyed which forever formed a wedge between them. Lucifer was thrown into a Cage and bound with 600 Seals.
Sometime later, Michael constructed a plan which involved allowing [[the 66 Seals]] to break. Participants included Michael, [[Zachariah]] and [[Raphael]]. Michael wanted the seals broken so that Lucifer could be released from the Cage, giving Michael the opportunity to finally destroy him. As part of this, Michael cooperated with [[Lilith]] , as he believed that the Apocalypse would cause God to return.<ref name="fifteen08" /> It is later revealed that senior management of Heaven did not share this plan with other angels to avoid rebellion. Castiel was oblivious to this plan at first; he later found out Heaven's true intention and told [[Dean]], but he was soon found and destroyed by Raphael.
The 66 Seals are eventually broken and Lucifer is released. Soon after Lucifer's rising, Michael instructed Zachariah to get Dean's permission for Michael to possess him. Due to Dean's repeated refusal to serve as a [[vessel]], Michael stayed in Heaven monitoring the situation, and when Dean was transported to the year 1978, Michael spoke to him through his father [[John]]. After months of fighting, Dean wavered in his determination and nearly assented to Michael. However, Dean and [[Sam]] escaped and Michael claimed [[Adam Milligan]]'s body instead. Michael met Lucifer at [[Stull Cemetery]], where they were interrupted by Dean. Michael threatened Dean, and was temporarily banished by a molotov cocktail of [[holy oil]]. Michael returned as Sam temporarily managed to regain control over his body from Lucifer. Michael tried to stop Sam from throwing himself, and therefore Lucifer, into the Cage, and was himself pulled inside. This happened in [[5.22 Swan Song]].

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