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Alternate Universe

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[[God]] aka Chuck has created many worlds within a multiverse. While usually separate, they can sometimes be accessed via [[portal]]s. These worlds may be very different from Earth or similar with minor changes. Chuck tells Sam he lost count of how many universes there were, claiming that most are boring, citing to Sam a universe in reverse, one without the color yellow, and one that is entirely inhabited by squirrels.
In addition to these alternate worlds, characters may find themselves in an [[Alternate Reality]] constructed by a powerful being or induced by a drug, or they may find their own universe altered by [[time travel]]. In 2020, Chuck starts destroying these alternate universes, excepts for the Winchesters' world. He explains that some of these worlds are simple to destroy, but others are more complex and will take time and extra attention to completely obliterate. The worlds he destroyed thus far include [[The Bad Place]] and Earth 2 where he watched the destruction of these worlds on various TV screens.
==Worlds in the Multiverse==

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