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In the Bunker's library, Sergei explains that Sam's wound is connected to his [[soul]] and also tethered to someone or something in the outside world. After treating Sam's wound, Sam's condition becomes worse. In the hallway, Sergei tells Castiel and Eileen that in exchange for receiving the [[Key to Death]] in the Bunker, he will reverse what he has done to Sam. Eileen and Castiel refuse, and Castiel shows Sergei a photo of his niece, Anna, whom he has [[Bobby Singer (Apocalypse World)|Bobby Singer]] keeping an eye on, and threatens to have her harmed if Sergei doesn't fix Sam. Sergei agrees and performs a ritual that wakes Sam up. Upon leaving, Sergei remarks that he likes the new Castiel, telling him he is very... Russian.
===[[15.12 Galaxy Brain]]===
Castiel calls Sergei for help to find a way to open a rift without archangel grace, however he is ignoring his calls.

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