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1.01 Pilot

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At [[Jus In Bello Italy 2012]] Jensen said that the scene where Sam and Dean were in the library together was one of his favorite scenes, [!/_patsan_/status/196176739163045892 because it was the first scene ever filmed.]
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A deleted scene ([http oO0yWSxYBbk watch]) included on the [[Season 1 DVD]] shows the reason Dean returned to save Sam from his burning bedroom: his watch stopped, the car radio send static and that's why he turned the car around, sensing something was wrong. Later on, we learn that in the days before the fires, signs crop up in an area, cattle deaths, temperature fluctuations, electrical storms.
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[[File:Supernatural 11.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Promo poster for ''Supernatural''.]]
Early reports of Supernatural:
September 13 2004: [ A report on a new WB show in development from]
: Described as "Route 66" meets "The X Files," "Supernatural" focuses on two twentysomething brothers who battle the things that go bump in the night as they cruise the dusty backroads of small-town America in their '64 Mustang.
* [;title;0# Kripke on the genesis of the series]<br>
: '''Kripke:''' At one point I wanted to do an anthology show. Another time, I wanted to do a series about a reporter who works for a tabloid magazine, pretty much a rip-off of the original Kolchak: The Night Stalker. And then, finally, just through development with the studio, settled on this idea of telling these stories in the format of this Route 66: Great American Road Trip with these two brothers...It's sort of funny how it all worked out. I literally had scribbled [the idea] in a notebook the day before my meeting with the studio, and then I came into the studio and had pitched them my reporter idea. And they didn't like it. They said, "What else do you got?" I didn't have anything. So, I tap danced and said, "Well, I got this great idea about two brothers on a road trip." They loved it, and it ended up being the show. So, it's funny how that works out.
* [ Kripke talks about the early scripts] and getting [[David Nutter]] on board.
* [ Jared's screen test] for the role of Sam. Script is from a [ later draft of Pilot]* [;title;0# Kripke talks about casting Jared and Jensen]:
: When we started casting, we had archetypes in mind, which were Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. We were really looking for Sam to be empathetic, kind, and likeable, and really the audience surrogate. The person who the audience would most see themselves as and really carry the story through their eyes. And that required a really unique likeability. For Dean, we were looking for Han Solo. We were looking for devil-may-care, charismatic, a little rough around the edges, a little edgy, says things that are not always the kindest thing, as long as they're funny. And that was really what we started out with.
January 17 2005:
[ from the Futon Critic:]
:SUPERNATURAL (The WB) - [[David Nutter]] ("Smallville") has come aboard to direct and executive produce the drama project, which has been given the green light to produce a pilot. Writer/producer [[Eric Kripke]] ("Tarzan") created the project, which is set up at [[McG]] and Stephanie Savage's Warner Bros. Television-based Wonderland Sound and Vision, and will executive produce along with Nutter, McG and Savage. "Supernatural" revolves around two brothers who travel the country hunting down supernatural beings.
* [ Promo]
* [ Australian Promo]
* [ Interview with Jared Padalecki]
* [ Interviews with Eric Kripke, Peter Johnson, David Nutter, Jared and Jensen]
* [[Supernatural Scrapbook 2004-05]] (pre-publicity interviews and reviews)
* [http -story.html Interview with Stuntman Eddy Donno]* [http Unexplained Phenomena Lurk Behind New Shows] Review of the Pilot in the New York Times* [ Review of the Pilot] in the Blog "Play With Us Danny"
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