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Angel Blade

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15.11 The Gamblers
When trying to draw out [[Fortuna]], Dean uses an angel blade to hold her son [[Pax]] hostage. Fortuna admits that Dean probably could kill Pax with the angel blade as his father was human, but threatens Dean into releasing him instead.
===[[15.13 Destiny's Child]]===
While confronting [[Sister Jo]] over [[the Occultum]], the Winchesters draw angel blades to threaten her.
After traveling into [[Hell]] and realizing they have been sent into a trap, the Winchesters draw angel blades to fight three demons who draw blades of their own. Dean manages to single-handedly kill two demons while Sam overpowers the leader. After he reveals that Jo set them up, Sam kills the demon.
When confronted by [[hellhounds]] outside of a church, Castiel draws an angel blade, but never uses it.

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