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Cosmic Entity

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|image= [[File:CosmicEntity.png|350px]][[File:CosmicEntityCas.png|350px]][[File:CosmicEntityDumah.png|350px]][[File:CosmicEntityMeg.png|350px]]
|name= Unknown
|actor= [[Misha Collins]]<br>[[Erica Cerra]]<br>[[Rachel Miner]]
|location= [[The Empty]]
|occupation= Cosmic Entity
|episodes= [[13.04 The Big Empty]]<br>[[14.08 Byzantium]]<br>[[14.20 Moriah]]<br>[[15.13 Destiny's Child]]<br>[[15.17 Unity]]<br>[[15.18 Despair]]
According to the entity, its true form is horrific enough that it can drive an angel insane from viewing it. The entity is black and viscous with the ability to shift its shape to appear as it wishes. In the case of meeting [[Castiel]], it takes on the form of his vessel, [[Jimmy Novak]]. The Cosmic Entity also holds domain over the Empty, its will surpassing even God's, making it the only being able to revive When Castiel returns in search of [[angelsRuby]] or , the Entity choses the form of [[demonsMeg]] slumbering in to keep with the Emptydemon theme. HoweverThe Entity appears to adopt Meg's form as its own afterwards, both using it when it visits [[GodDeath's Library]] and [[Billie]] as [[Death]] have shown still in that shape when Jack returns to the ability Empty to resurrect deceased beingsdetonate. After reforming itself, in the latter's case because the Entity allowed it since they were working togethershifts into Meg again rather than use its real form or another shape.
The Cosmic Entity also holds domain over the Empty, its will surpassing even God's, making it the only being able to revive [[angels]] or [[demons]] slumbering in the Empty. However, both [[God]] and [[Billie]] as [[Death]] have shown the ability to resurrect deceased beings, in the latter's case because the Entity allowed it since they were working together. The Entity later admits that its belief that God had no power in the Empty turned out to be just "sweet little lies." Billie subsequently states that while the Entity is immensely powerful, it is not as powerful as God or the Darkness though she calls it "vast" due to the Empty existing in a realm outside creation, making it capable of absorbing the impact of a metaphysical supernova and surviving. Its power is so great that when it stormed [[Heaven]], the Entity easily bypassed all of Heaven's defenses, killing at least one angel in the process. It was able to blast open all of Heaven's gates, even the ones permanently closed years before by [[Metatron]], and could possess angels, essentially using them as its [[vessel]]s. However, it cannot come to Earth unless it is directly summoned due to Chuck's overprotectiveness. However, as a result of Castiel's deal with it, a loophole exists that results in the Entity being immediately summoned once Castiel experiences true happiness. It is then able to open a [[portal]] to Earth and reach out through it to absorb Castiel and Billie, though Jack later revives Castiel.
When [[Castiel]] has [[Jack]] bring him to the brink of death to visit [[the Empty]], he is greeted with "Hello, Clarence" by the Cosmic Entity taking on the form of the demon [[Meg]]. Having learned that the Entity is working with [[Billie]] and allowed her to resurrect Jack, Castiel knows that despite their differences they are on the same side. Reluctantly, the Cosmic Entity directs Castiel to [[Ruby]] so he can talk to the demon.
As Castiel prepares to leave, the Cosmic Entity explains that Billie has promised to send it back to sleep if it helps. While the Cosmic Entity can't take Castiel yet as per their deal, it intends to enjoy the time they have together and begins torturing Castiel, taunting him as it does. The entity even says that Billie never said anything about needing him in their plan. The torture ends when Jack restores Castiel's lifeforce[[Spiritus Vitae|life force]], pulling him out of the Empty. The entity smugly murmurs "See you soon" as it sips a glass of chardonnay. ===[[15.17 Unity]]===[[Sam]] uses the [[Key to Death]] to enter [[Death's Library]] in search of [[Billie]]. There he finds the Entity, still in the form of [[Meg]], having slaughtered several [[reapers]]. The Entity forces the last reaper to [[Prayer|pray]] to Billie, but when she doesn't appear, the Entity kills the reaper by [[telekinesis|telekinetically]] snapping his neck. As Sam tries to sneak away, the Entity senses his presence and transports Sam in front of it with another snap of its fingers. [[File:CosmicEntity&Sam.png|thumb|right|350px|The Entity tortures [[Sam]] in [[Death's Library]].]]Sam is confused to see Meg, but the Entity explains that the real Meg is still dead, and that it's just borrowing her face. Sam realizes who the Entity is and it explains that it needs a word with Billie, but Billie has been ignoring it. The Entity explains that [[the Empty]] was supposed to belong to it, a place where not even God held sway, but it discovers that it's not the only thing that holds power in the Empty. Billie had promised to make it all better when she took over, but [[Castiel]] came along and gave the Entity trust issues. Sam realizes that Billie wants to take over which the Entity confirms, stating that Billie wants to become the new [[God]] and wants everything back to how it used to be, everyone back to where they belong, realities and dimensions separate, and the Entity back to sleep. However, the Entity now doubts Billie's trustworthiness. The Entity reveals God's death book which only Billie can read. All that Billie had said was that Sam should be dead, except that Billie needs him to help carry out Chuck's death. The Entity begins torturing Sam in the hopes of drawing Billie out and Sam gets it to stop by claiming that Billie sent him. The Entity doubts Sam's sincerity, but Sam points out that as they are trying to beat God, there's not a whole lot of time for questions. Sam lies that Billie sent him to get the book and didn't say why and that Billie is on Earth which he realizes that the Entity can't access. The Entity confirms that it can only come to Earth if it's summoned due to Chuck being "so protective of his little sand castles." Sam claims that Billie can't leave either due to the plan and she sent him in her stead with a message that Billie will honor her promise. God and Amara will die and the Entity can go back to sleep. But when the Entity asks if he's lying, Sam suggests that the Entity has two choices: give him the book and maybe they all win, or kill him and they lose and the Entity will never go back to sleep. The Entity accepts and allows Sam to return to [[the Bunker]] with the book in hand. ===[[15.18 Despair]]===A detonating Jack is sent to the Empty where the Cosmic Entity, still in the form of Meg, is amused by his sudden appearance and the fact that he looks visibly unwell. Jack can only apologize before detonating with the Entity only managing to mutter "oh --". Billie explains to the Winchesters and Castiel that she sent Jack to the Empty, preventing the explosion from impacting Earth. She explains that the Entity isn't as powerful as Chuck or Amara, but its vastness makes it "the only player on the board that could possibly absorb that impact." However, she is unsure if Jack or the Entity survived and knows that if it did, the Entity will be pissed at her. However, the Entity can't reach her on Earth; Sam confirms that it can't come to Earth unless it is directly summoned. Shortly afterwards, both Jack and the Cosmic Entity reform. Appearing weakened and horrified, the Entity pulls Jack to itself with [[telekinesis]] and claims that Jack "made it loud." As the Entity starts to torture Jack, Billie returns him to Earth, causing the Entity to growl in frustration. Chased by a mortally-wounded Billie, Castiel realizes that only the Entity can stop her and reveals his deal with the being to Dean and that when he experiences a moment of true happiness, the Entity will be summoned to Earth to take him the Empty forever. By expressing his love for Dean, Castiel experiences a moment of true happiness and a [[portal]] to the Empty opens. The Cosmic Entity sends two dark tendrils through, absorbing Billie and a crying but smiling Castiel who doesn't resist. The tendrils return through the portal which then closes. ===[[15.20 Carry On]]===[[Bobby]] reveals that Jack brought Castiel back from the Empty, working with him to rebuild Heaven for the better.
* The concept of the Empty is reminiscent of [ Sheol], which the Hebrew Bible describes as a place of stillness and darkness, cut off from life and God, where both the righteous and the wicked go upon death. The concept of the Cosmic Entity is also reminiscent of the inhabitants of Sheol: ''[ Rephaim],'' or shades, which are described as entities without personality or strength that provide healing and blessings to the lives of the living.
* [[Misha Collins]] received a question regarding his accent in this film at the 2017 Honolulu Convention. Although he claims it came from nowhere, it's evident he knows the "Mid-Atlantic" connection as he calls it an accent from an "oil rig in the Atlantic." The "Mid-Atlantic" accent's name comes from being a cross between England and New England, hence halfway through the Atlantic ocean. It is an artificial accent used in old Hollywood movies.
* In [[14.08 Byzantium]], the entity is also referred to as "the shadow" by [[Naomi]], as well as "the Empty" by Castiel during their conversation. Though the two discussed the actual Empty, Castiel specifically called the entity the Empty as well and it agreed with him. It is also called the Empty by [[Dumah]] in [[14.19 Jack in the Box]]and Sam in [[15.17 Unity]].* This entity appears to be an embodiment of melancholy, a manifestation of the sadness and pensiveness of the angels and demons trapped in the Empty dreaming about their regrets for eternity. Historically, the root etymology for the word melancholy comes from the Greek ''"melankholia"'' literally meaning "(excess of) black bile." According to theologian [ Donald Eric Capps] in a study published in 1989, [ melancholy] is classified as a neutral 'eighth' deadly sin.
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