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14.18 Absence
After Jack and Mary go missing, Sam contacts Rowena in the hopes that she can track them down. Using [[scrying]] magic, Rowena is unable to find Jack due to his energy being too unstable. She reveals to Sam that she knows with certainty that Mary Winchester is no longer on Earth.
While Rowena studies the ''[[Book of the Damned]]'' in [[Rowena's Apartment|her flat]], she is surprised by a sudden visit from Jack. He admits that he accidentally killed Mary and needs Rowena's help to undo it. She tells Jack there is a spell, ''Magice Necromantiorum,'' that they may be able to use. But when Sam and Dean arrive to the flat, Jack realizes that Rowena had been stalling and teleports Rowena and himself to the Bunker to collect the ingredients.
After collecting the ingredients, Rowena tells Jack the final item they will need is the body. Jack takes Rowena to the spot of Mary's death, but when Rowena refuses to perform the spell, Jack teleports her back to her flat. Rowena calls Sam to tell him what Jack plans to do, and that in his desperate state he may bring back something terrible.

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