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Powers and abilities
* [[Resurrection]] – Michael can revive the deceased as he did with [[Sam Winchester]].<ref name="five13" />
* [[Sedation]] – He can render people unconscious.
* Super strength – It is presumed like [[Lucifer]], he can over-power pagan gods and lesser [[angel]]s with little or no effort. Even while restrained by the [[Angel Cuffsangel cuffs]], Michael was able to effortlessly overpower and strangle Castiel.<ref name="fifteen08" />
* [[Telekinesis]] – Michael was able to close the door to the [[Green Room]] when [[Adam]] attempted to escape.
** [[Pyrokinesis]] – Michael can incinerate lesser [[angel]]s by touching them, as he did with [[Anna Milton]].<ref name="five13">[[5.13 The Song Remains the Same]]</ref>
** Terakinesis – Michael's mere presence in his true form can cause the earth to shake.<ref name="five18">[[5.18 Point of No Return]]</ref> When distressed by the revelation of God's betrayal, Michael caused the bunker Bunker to shake, even while bound by the [[Angel Cuffsangel cuffs]].<ref name="fifteen08" />* [[Teleportation]] – Michael can teleport himself and groups of people, and is capable of banishing angels with a snap of his fingers.<ref name="five13" /> After his escape from Hell, Michael was able to bounce all over the globe in a matter of seconds before settling on in Cairo.<ref name="fifteen08" />
* [[Time travel]] – Michael can travel through time and transport others, such as Sam and [[Dean Winchester]] from 1978 back to their present in 2010.<ref name="five13" />
* [[Smiting]] - With just a flash of his eyes, Michael smote [[Lilith]], who along with being the first demon was one of the most powerful, causing her to vanish in a flash of white light and leave behind a pile of ashes.<ref name="fifteen08" />

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