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15.15 Gimme Shelter

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Food is being served at a community group known as Patchwork. Two of the young volunteers are complaining about a homeless lady. They ask another volunteer Connor to throw the elderly lady out. As he reluctantly approaches the lady, he is intercepted by the Pastor who advises him to be compassionate. Connor takes the lady some soup. Later, as he is walking home, Connor hears voices in an alley calling for help. Visibly spooked he stumbles, trips on a stuffed teddy bear and as he is looking at it he is lassoed by the neck and killed.
Dean, tablet in hand, joins Sam in the bunker library. They are looking for signs of Amara. Sam mentions missing people in Missouri but doubts that it is a supernatural case. Dean on the other hand thinks he may have found Amara in Atlantic City and manages to convince Sam to check it out with him. Cas arrives and is asked by Sam and Dean to stay and look after Jack. He is very hesitant seeing as they are going to take on Amara. All three of them join Jack who is interested in the Missouri case. After some persuasion Dean convinces Cas and Jack that they should go and solve the case in Missouri. Jack is very excited and asks Cas if he can wear a blue tie like him.
In the alley where Connor was killed Cas and Jack present as FBI agents Swift and Lavado to the Sheriff. She tells them that the boy had “liar” carved into his body, and his fingers stuffed down his throat. She shows Jack and Cas security video footage of the murderer in a costume mask leaning over the body.
Jack and Cas go to the crossroads and summon a demon. Zach the demon arrives and explains he knows nothing about the killings and that due to Rowena’s new management no one is making deals. Cas and Jack think about giving up but in the end decide to continue the investigation.
At the Patchwork Community Centre one of the volunteers Valerie is closing up for the night when she decides to steal money from the collection box. She leaves the building but hears a voice which is calling her name. As she is calling for help she is confronted by someone in a mask and screams.
Later in their van in the carpark Cas is talking to Sam and Dean on the phone. They advise him to send jack undercover at the community centre as he investigates but when Cas asks Dean about their search for Amara, he ends the conversation abruptly. In the Impala Sam and Dean talk about trapping Amara so that Jack can kill her, along with Chuck.
Back at the Patchwork community centre the Pastor is holding a memorial service for Connor. Jack applies to be a member. Cas speaks to the pastor about Valerie having gone missing.
Valerie is in a dark room tied to a chair and gagged. As she comes to she sees the word greed written in blood on the wall and realises that her fingers are in separate guillotine devices. As she begins to focus she sees a mask, then the money she stole. Suddenly a tv comes to life and the word “thief” scrolls continuously on the screen. She screams as the guillotine severs her finger. A three-minute countdown appears on the screen and she gives a muffled scream
At the community centre Jack registers as a volunteer. Silvia confides in him about Connor, who she once dated, and her dad, Pastor Joe. They each share that their mother has died. In the meantime, Cas interviews Pastor Joe. He explains how the community has becoming encompassing of many faiths but when his wife was alive, it was part of a more rigid Christian church. He tells Cas that another member, Rudy, left the community recently.
Sam and Dean are at a gas stop a few hours from Atlantic City when Amara suddenly appears. She suggests they go and eat Pennsylvania pierogis -- and talk.
In the storage room behind the community centre, Valerie is semi-conscious and bleeding. She loses another finger as a message appears on the screen… time is running out!
Pastor Joe welcomes Jack to the group and invites him to speak about himself. He hesitates and Cas speaks instead shares how becoming a father helped him to find himself. Jack is visibly moved. Suddenly the television in the community centre switches on and they see Valerie bound and semi-conscious.
Sam and Dean sit across the table from Amara. They try to convince her to betray Chuck so that they can trap him. She tells them that her and Chuck are twins and when their bond was broken, when Chuck caged her, that caused the Big Bang. She knows caging him would hurt Chuck and refuses to help.
Back in Missouri, Jack crashes through a dirty apartment door where Rudy lives, with Cas following behind. They find his rotten bloated fly infested corpse of a man handcuffed to his bed. On the wall above are the words “lust”.
Dean and Sam get in the Impala but as Dean he starts the engine, he has second thoughts and decides to go back to talk to her again. He surprises her sitting down opposite her. They have a very deep and emotional conversation about why Amara brought back Mary. Amara says she wanted Dean to get to know Mary as a person, not the myth he had built up about her, and to recognise that there was no alterative utopian life if Mary had lived. She also says she hoped it would dissipate the anger inside him. Dean explains that the knowledge that their lives have been manipulated by Chuck makes him furious. He points out to Amara that Chuck doesn’t care about anyone, including her. Amara asks if she can trust dean. He says that he would never hurt her, and she says she will reconsider helping them..
Silvia and her friend are sat on the steps of the community centre when she realises that her friend posted something about Valerie’s torture on social media. She is horrified, stabs her friend in the stomach and runs away. Jack and Cas arrive and as Pastor Joe goes after Silvia Cas tells Jack to follow them as he heals the injured girl. Pastor Joe finds Valerie but is attacked by his daughter .She holds a knife to his throat but Jack arrives. She throws her father to the ground and Jack tries to reason with her. She stabs him in the hear, which doesn’t injure Jack. Cas arrives, overpowers her and sends her to sleep. He destroys the restraints trapping Valerie and heals her much to the shock of Joe.
Outside the police take Silvia away in a police car driven by Zach the crossroads demon disguised as a police officer.
In the truck going home Jack confesses to Cas the horrifying truth about Billy’s plan - that Jack won’t survive killing Chuck and Amara. Cas is close to tears as he refuses to accept this news.
Back in the bunker Dean can’t sleep and wanders to the library where he takes a swig from a whisky bottle. Cas walks in and tells him they solved the case. Dean tells Cas that they have convinced Amara. Cas tells him he needs to find another way.

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