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Donatello Redfield

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Not a goof. The doctor thought he was coming out of the coma due to the noises he was making and removed the breathing device to record what he was saying.
When Sam, Dean, and Castiel learn that Michael has escaped from [[Hell]], Dean places a call to Donatello to see if he had felt a surge in God-like power, and tells him to let them know if he feels anything tickle his brain. While Donatello is doing his dishes, he feels a sudden surge in power as Michael [[Smiting|smites]] [[Lilith]] in a diner. Donatello calls Dean and describes Michael's energy as hurling around from place to place, eventually ending up in Cairo, Egypt. He ends their call by declaring his need for a bourbon.
*In [[14.12 Prophet and Loss]], despite requiring a ventilator to live, Donatello is not hooked up to any sort of oxygen support in Dr. Rashad's video, not even a breathing mask or nasal canula. Given his dependence on life support at the time, this should not have been possible.

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