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Dean Winchester

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Disappointed with [[John]]'s lying and absence, [[Sam]] gives Dean the present intended for his father: the amulet.
[[File:Dean-Sam-1993.png|thumb|right|350px|Dean and [[Sam]] with [[Caitlin Johnson|Caitlin]] and [[Travis Johnson]].]]
===January 1993===
In [[15.16 Drag Me Away (From You)]], Sam and Dean are left at the Rooster Sunrise motel in Wadsworth, Ohio while John goes on a hunt. During their stay, they meet a brother and sister [[Caitlin Johnson|Caitlin]] and [[Travis Johnson]]. After Travis has an encounter with something supernatural, Sam and Dean try to get in contact with their father through Bobby, who tells them John is out of range for two days. Despite not knowing what they are dealing with Dean decides to handle the hunt himself, and believes to have killed the creature, that is later learned to be [[Baba Yaga]].
===Summer 1994===
In [[5.12 Swap Meat]] we learn that Dean and Sam spent a portion of the summer being looked after by Donna, a maid at the Mayflower motel in Housatonic, Massachusetts, while their father was hunting. On one occasion, John was gone for two weeks. It was the summer before Sam entered sixth grade, and he assigned himself a summer reading list. Dean possibly had a crush on Donna.
[[File:Supernatural-9x07-13.jpg|thumb|left|350px|16-year-old Dean with [[Robin (Bad Boys)|Robin]], during his time at the boys home.]]
[[File:Supernatural-9x07-13.jpg|thumb|right|350px|16-year-old Dean with [[Robin (Bad Boys)|Robin]], during his time at the boys home.]]
Dean is 16.
Dean spends two months in 1995 at a boys home after getting caught stealing food, prior to being arrested he mentions to [[Sonny]] that he got his injuries during a [[werewolf]] hunt.<ref name="nine07">[[9.07 Bad Boys]]</ref>
[[File:TeenageDean.jpg|thumb|leftright|350px|Teenage Dean and [[Sam]].]]
In summer 1997 [[John]], Dean and [[Sam]] are hunting a [[werewolf]].<ref name="four13">[[4.13 After School Special]]</ref>

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