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15.18 Despair

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Seven members of the SPN cast attended [[Darklight Online Con 2020]] the weekend after this episode aired, including Misha Collins, who [ discussed the confession scene] (and its controversy amongst fans) while explaining to the other cast members who may not have seen the episode yet, "Castiel tells Dean he loves him and basically makes Destiel canon. So Castiel makes this homosexual declaration of love which is, you know, amazing that that happens, and then he dies right afterwards, which plays into a timeless Hollywood trope of '[ kill the gays],' which also then pisses off- Like we give, and then we take away." At the con, Misha also said that he knew the confession was coming for more than a year, that Jensen knew about it for three months, and that Jensen had agreed to it. Richard Speight Jr, the director of this episode, said that he, Misha, Jensen, and other crew filmed the confession scene last because of the weight of it, that they all had drinks after, and then they boarded a plane that had one of its engines explode, making for a very emotional night. Misha also told this story, and how he felt filming that last scene, in [ a CW spot posted to twitter].

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