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Death's Scythe

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15.18 Despair
[[Billie]] brings the scythe with her to the Bunker, but puts it down while she reads [[Chuck's Death Book]]. As Billie tries to leave with [[Jack]], Dean grabs the scythe and swings it at her. Billie almost manages to dodge the swing, but she is slashed in the left shoulder, a wound which immediately begins glowing. Billie is forced to teleport away without Jack, the book, or the scythe.
Convinced that Billie is the one killing everyone, Dean goes and [[Castiel]] go after Billie with the scythe to kill her. After a drawn out fight, Dean eventually wounding wounds her hand and pinning pins Billie to the wall with it. During this time, Dean states that he hadn't actually been trying to kill Billie when he wounded her previously. Billie reveals that Dean had mortally wounded her when Dean slashed her shoulder with the scythe. Billie reveals that her shoulder wound is festering before disarming Dean of the scythe.
As Billie chases Dean and Castiel through the Bunker, she tauntingly scrapes her scythe across the wall. When the [[Cosmic Entity]] absorbs Billie, her scythe is absorbed as well.

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