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|actor= [[Lisa Berry]]
|dates= ???? – 2017 (killed by [[Castiel]])<br>2017 – 2020 (absorbed into [[the Empty]])
|location= [[The Empty]]
|occupation= [[Death]]<br>[[Reaper]] (formerly)
|episodes= [[11.02 Form and Void]]<br>[[11.10 The Devil in the Details]]<br>[[11.17 Red Meat]]<br>[[11.23 Alpha and Omega]]<br>[[12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox]]<br>[[12.09 First Blood]]<br>[[13.05 Advanced Thanatology]]<br>[[13.19 Funeralia]]<br>[[14.10 Nihilism]]<br>[[14.20 Moriah]]<br>[[15.09 The Trap]]
* [[Angel blade]] – As a reaper, Billie could be killed by an angel blade.
* [[Cosmic Entity]] – Billie fears the Cosmic Entity as it is capable of killing her, which is shown when it drags her into the Empty.* [[Death's Scythe]] – As the new incarnation of Death, Billie can now only be killed with her own scythe. Dean slices her hand and shoulder with the scythe. While not immediately fatal, these wounds caused her body to slowly rot away and she claims they would eventually kill her.

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