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Like most angels, Michael has an extremely low view of demons. When encountering Lilith, whom he had previously worked with to bring about the Apocalypse, Michael is incredulous at the idea that God would send "a speck of infernal bile" to retrieve him and smites Lilith when she gets on his nerves too much.<ref name="fifteen08" />
Despite his changes for the better, Michael reverts back into being the Good Son following the resurrection of Lucifer and the discovery that God now favors his brother over Michael. Desperate to win his father's approval and to be God's Favorite once again, Michael betrays his allies, but is unaware that they accurately predicted this and used him to lure God into a trap of their own. In the end, Michael's misguided loyalty to his father not only comes to nothing but it and leads to his own demisejust as it lead to his imprisonment a decade prior.<ref name="fifteen19" />
===Powers and abilities===

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