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Dean Winchester

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|image= [[File:Dean-S12DeanWinchester.jpgpng|350px]]
|name= Dean Winchester
|actor= [[Jensen Ackles]]<br />[ Hunter Brochu] (Young Dean in [[1.01 Pilot|1.01]])<br />[[Ridge Canipe]] (Young Dean in [[1.18 Something Wicked|1.18]] & [[3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas|3.08]])<br />[[Brock Kelly]] (Teen Dean in [[4.13 After School Special|4.13]])<br />[ Chad Everett] (Elderly Dean in [[5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester|5.07]])<br />[ Nicolai Guistra] (Young Dean in [[5.22 Swan Song|5.22]] & [[7.10 Death's Door|7.10]])<br />[[Dylan Everett]] (Teen Dean in [[9.07 Bad Boys|9.07]], [[10.12 About a Boy|10.12]] & [[11.08 Just My Imagination|11.08]])<br />[ Anthony Bolognese] (Young Dean in [[12.22 Who We Are|12.22]])<br>[ Paxton Singleton] (Teen Dean in [[15.16 Drag Me Away (From You)|15.16]])

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