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Dean Winchester

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|text= Yeah, thatHey. I's revengem not leaving you. ItI'll get m gonna be with you... right here... every day. Every day you 're out of bed in the morning, there and you're li... and you're living and when you get it're fighting, it feels great'cause you... for about five minutesyou always keep fighting. You hear me? I've been ll be thereevery step. I love you so much. My baby brother. Me and Sam – we have had our fair share of fights – more than our share – but no matter how bad it gotOh, we always made it right because we're familyman. Well, I need himdid not think this would be the day. He needs meBut it is. And when everything goes to crapIt is, and that's all you... Man... that've got – familys okay. Now I need you might be a-an all-powerful beingto...I need you to promise me. but I think need youto... to... to tell me... that it're human where it countss okay. You simply I need your brotheryou to tell me that it's okay.
|author= Dean Winchester
|source= [[1115.23 Alpha and Omega20 Carry On]]

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