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Madge and Edward Carrigan

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|occupation= [[:Category:Deities|Teutonic gods]]: Hold Nickar
|episodes= [[3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas]]
|text='''Edward:''' All of a sudden, our – our altars are being burned down, and we’re being hunted down like common monsters.<br>'''Madge:''' But did we say a peep? Oh ho ho, no, no, no, we did not. Two millennium. We kept a low profile; we got jobs, a mortgage. We... Wh-What was that word, dear?<br>'''Edward:''' We assimilated.
|author= Madge and Edward Carrigan
|source= [[3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas]]
* Dana Larsen's [ Modern Christmas traditions are based on ancient mushroom-using shamans].
* Axiom's [ Santa Claus Is Coming to Town] from the December 2004 issue of ''The Pagan Heart: Myth, Magic, and Madness.''
==External Links==
* [ The Carrigans' Character Synopsis]

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