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Cosmic Entity

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According to the entity, its true form is horrific enough that it can drive an angel insane from viewing it. The entity is black and viscous with the ability to shift its shape to appear as it wishes. In the case of meeting [[Castiel]], it takes on the form of his vessel, [[Jimmy Novak]]. When Castiel returns in search of [[Ruby]], the Entity choses the form of [[Meg]] to keep with the demon theme. The Entity appears to adopt Meg's form as its own afterwards, using it when it visits [[Death's Library]] and still in that shape when Jack returns to the Empty to detonate. After reforming itself, the Entity shifts into Meg again rather than use its real form or another shape.
The Cosmic Entity also holds domain over the Empty, its will surpassing even God's, making it the only being able to revive [[angels]] or [[demons]] slumbering in the Empty. However, both [[God]] and [[Billie]] as [[Death]] have shown the ability to resurrect deceased beings, in the latter's case because the Entity allowed it since they were working together. The Entity later admits that its belief that God had no power in the Empty turned out to be just "sweet little lies." Billie subsequently states that while the Entity is immensely powerful, it is not as powerful as God or the Darkness though she calls it "vast" due to the Empty existing in a realm outside creation, making it capable of absorbing the impact of a metaphysical supernova and surviving."
Its power is so great that when it stormed [[Heaven]], the Entity easily bypassed all of Heaven's defenses, killing at least one angel in the process. It was able to blast open all of Heaven's gates, even the ones permanently closed years before by [[Metatron]], and could possess angels, essentially using them as its [[vessel]]s. However, it cannot come to Earth unless it is directly summoned due to Chuck's overprotectiveness. However, as a result of Castiel's deal with it, a loophole exists that results in the Entity being immediately summoned once Castiel experiences true happiness. It is then able to open a [[portal]] to Earth and reach out through it to absorb Castiel and Billie, though Jack later revives Castiel.

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