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* [[Telekinesis]] – Alastair can moves anything with a thought. The power also extends to being able to telekinetically inflict damage onto humans's hearts with a gesture.<ref name="four09" /><ref name="four10" /><ref name="four15" />
* [[Teleportation]] – As a high-level demon, Alastair had the ability to teleport.<ref name="four10" />
* Superhuman strength and durability – Alastair could overpower [[angels]],<ref name="four10" /> though he did not possess the power to kill them and could be overpowered sufficiently distracted, but had also shown to resistant to the smiting powers of [[angel]]s, though their [[grace]] could destroy his [[meatsuit]].<ref name="four10" /><ref name="four16" /><ref name="four15" /> His durability also extended to a high resistance to the [[demon-killing knife]].<ref name="four09" />As Alastair survived being twists and carves into the stomach through the gut, the [[white-eyed demon]] might to have been truly immune to the knife's demon killing abilities since other demons are killed by this.<ref name="four16" />
* [[Demon-killing knife]] – While Alastair had survived being stabbed with the knife twice, it's use still caused him great pain.
* [[Devil's traps]] – As a powerful as demon Alastair was, he was still vulnerable to must be trapped and bound into a special old-Enochian devil's traps.<ref name="four16" />* [[Holy water]] – Holy water was shown to burn Alastair weaker and didn't burned his skin like all regular demons.<ref name="four16" />* [[Salt]] – Alastair was incapable of crossing a salt line, ingestion of salt mixed with holy water was able to cause great discomfort, but didn't broken his will and he has a greater recovered than regular demons.
* [[Special Children]] – Alastair was killed by [[Sam]]'s powers after Sam had consumed a sufficient amount of [[demon blood]].<ref name="four16" />

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