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* In [[14.12 Prophet and Loss]], its revealed that at least four different jurisdictions want to prosecute Nick for his crime spree. These presumably include Pike Creek, Delaware; Montauk, New York; and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Hibbing, Minnesota, may be another one, but Nick's crimes there only amounted to resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. Another possibility is the location where Nick killed the demon that led him to Mary Winchester at the beginning of [[14.11 Damaged Goods]].
* In [[14.12 Prophet and Loss]], his full name can be seen on his hospital bracelet: Vaught, Nick. [[Nick Vaught]] is the name of a former PA and current writer's assistant and writer on ''Supernatural''. It has not been confirmed that this is Nick's real surname.
* In [[14.07 Game Night]], Nick states that he "carved up" and killed the cop from [[14.12 Prophet and Loss]]. However, he only brutally beat the man who was clearly still alive when Nick left him.
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