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Clint West

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Clint West was a member of the Rodeo Kings, a group of criminals who robbed banks all over. Cordell Walker went undercover and became a member of this group and became friends with Clint and was able to assist in getting Clint and the other members arrested. Clint was married to Crystal West, who was shot and killed during the last bank robbery that Clint ended up in jail for. Clint has a son [[Trevor Strand]] who got close to Walker's daughter [[Stella Walker]]. Clint spent his entire time in jail coming up with a revenge plot for the Walker family. During the '''Episode 1.11 Freedom''', Clint was able to escape custody and was on the run. During '''1.13 Defend the Ranch''', Clint and his goons had the Walker family ranch surrounded and kidnapped the Walker Family. Clint, forced Walker and Hoyt to rob a bank for him. Clint's objective was to make Walker feel the same loss as he felt as he blamed Walker for Crystal's death. Clint shot Liam in the shoulder and stabbed Hoyt in the stomach, which caused Hoyt to die from his injuries. Walker ended up fighting with him at the ranch and as Clint was about to get a shot off towards Walker's direction, Liam appeared and shot Clint first and fatally killed him.

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