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1.16 Bad Apples

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* "Hunting Ground" by THE BLACK DELTA MOVEMENT(James and Micki are on a stakeout)* "How You Make a Fool" (feat. Robert Ellis) by THE TENDER THINGS(James, DJ, and Walker drink and catch up)* "Devil Echoes" by POLOCK(James, DJ, and Walker discover the car on fire)* "Only Us" by PAPERWHITE(DJ and Stella stuff envelopes and talk about her future)* "Wisdom/Boredom" by DANIEL TRAKELL(Stella convinces Walker to go back to the Rangers)* "Rainy Taxi (Big Beat)" by SPOON(James preps the crew to go out and get Campbell; Walker returns and is sworn in as a Ranger)* "Porno Disaster" by THE OCTOPUS PROJECT(James shows up to confront and arrest Campbell; Campbell makes a run for it)* "Shine" by THE DIRTY RIVER BOYS(Walker, Micki, Liam, and James celebrate closing the Campbell case and having Walker back on the force) 

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