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Rhino Puzzle

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[[File:Rhino puzzlepiece.jpg|400px|right|thumb]]
When Supernatural fans' extraordinary commitment Asked to encourage the Show, and voting, won fandom to tweet to win the Show a place on the [[TV Guide Cover]], [ Misha did so saying] "Warner Bros. just called & they'll give me a live rhinoceros if the three guys wearing earth tones win this poll" [ later adding] "I can't do this alone & I'm not one to hog winnings, so if we win, i'll carve the rhino up & mail little dried pieces of it to each of you." When Supernatural fans' extraordinary commitment to the Show and non-stop voting resulted in a win, Misha Collins tweeted "If you recall, since we won, Warner Bros. will be rewarding me with a Rhino. True to my word, i will cut it up & share it with you all.[].
His instructions to fans were "To redeem rhino portion, send self-addressed, plastic-lined, stamped envelope to me at: PO Box 74557, 2768 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K1K1" [].

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