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Synopsis for the [[2.01 They Started It|Season 2 premiere]] which will air on 28 October:
:: ''Walker realizes his life is at risk and confronts Captain James who confesses to him the real reason Micki went undercover. Meanwhile, the Davidsons return home which sets Abeline on edge as there is dark history between the two families. Trey almost blows Micki’s cover. Steve Robin directed the episode written by Seamus Kevin Fahey & Anna Fricke.''
* [ Promo for Season 2]
* [ Teaser Trailer for Season 2]
* [ Season 2 Premiere synopsis and photos]
* [ Synopsis] for [[2.01 The One Who Got Away]] directed by Richard Speight.
 * [ Promo for Season 2]* [https:shows/news/ Teaser Trailer for Season 2Mason Thomas has been cast]to play a young Cordell Walker in flashbacks
* [ Jensen will direct episode 7 of Season 2 ] by EW
* [ Video from jared as he starts filming Season 2]
==Misha's projects==
[[File:Poetry publicity.jpg|;eft|300px|thumb]]
Find out all about Misha's new show ''[[RoadFood]]: Discovering America One Dish at a Time'' and also [[Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You]] his new book of poetrywhich [ debuted on the New York Times bestseller list at #4].
** [ Interview with Misha about Roadfood and his poetry book] by EW
** [ Post by Danneel about Misha's poetry book] with a photo of Jensen reading it.

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