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File:Richesters.jpg|right|thumb| The Richesters in [[15.13 Destiny's Child]]

Richesters is a fandom nickname for the [[Sam and Dean Winchester (HunterCorp)| AU Sam and Dean]] who exist in an [[alternate universe]] where John Winchester built a corporation called HunterCorp and monetized hunting into a worldwide operation. Unlike Sam and Dean, the HunterCorp Winchester brothers never lost their father, who spoiled them and was revered by his sons as the "best guy ever."

Other fandom nicknames include "Fancies" and a [ fandom poll] also suggested "Winecest" or "Cockerfllers". [ Jensen has said] he referred to them as the Bizarro Sam and Dean, and imagined they'd be " internet cafe drinking oat milk & shopping at outlet malls."


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