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Constance Welch

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The script for "Moriah" designates the "Woman in White" as a separate ghost from Constance Welch.
|image= [[File:Constance Welch.png|350px]][[File:Woman-in-White2.png|350px]]
|name= Constance Welch
|actor= [ Sarah Shahi] ([[1.01 Pilot|1.01]])<br>[ Shanae Tomasevich] ([[14.20 Moriah|14.20]] & [[15.01 Back and to the Future|15.01]])|dates= 1957 – April 24, 1981 (suicide)<br>1981 – 2005 (spirit laid to rest when she is forced to confront her children)<br>2019 (raised by [[God]])|location= Harlan, Kansas
|occupation= [[Ghost]] ([[Woman in White]])
|episodes= [[1.01 Pilot]]<br>[[14.20 Moriah]]<br>[[15.01 Back and to the Future]]
Now home, Constance picks up a large framed photograph of herself and her children, she sees Sam and Dean and throws the picture down. A bureau shoots towards the Winchester, pinning them against the car. The lights flicker; and a scared Constance looks around as water begins to pour down the staircase. She goes over, standing at the top are her children. Constance looks at them distraught, when suddenly they are behind her; they embrace her tightly and she screams, her image flickering. In a surge of energy, still screaming, Constance and the two children melt into a puddle in the floor.
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===[[14.20 Moriah]]===
After [[God|Chuck]] declares "the End" and releases souls from hell, Constance is seen on the side of a road, where a man in a car stops to ask if she wants a lift.
===[[15.01 Back and to the Future]]===
[[Sam]] and [[Dean]] come upon the aftermath of Constance's first a victim after being releasedin a car. He and Sam The Winchesters quickly realize that it looks like a [[Woman in White]], with Sam suggesting it could be "their" Woman in White, despite having sent her to Hell 14 years ago. During the evacuation in Harlan, the sheriff comes across Constance, who quickly rips out his throat. When Dena and [[Belphegor]] find the body, Dean notices the drop in temperature and tells Belphegor they need to go. Constance appears, and recognizes Dean as having taken her home, before throwing him to the side into a dumpster. She then turns her attention to Belphegor, who tries to talk her down, but gets scratched across his hand by Constance before Dean hits her with iron and banishes her temporarily.
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