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Archangels are the stuff of primordial creation ([[Michael]], [[Lucifer]], [[Raphael]] and [[Gabriel]]) they are the first four powerful, angelic beings created by [[God]] before other [[angels]]. They possessed immense power far surpassing that of [[demons]], lesser angels, and most other supernatural beings. [[Castiel]] described them as "fierce and absolute."<ref name="four18">[[4.18 The Monster at the End of This Book]]</ref>
In the beginning, God and His archangels battled [[the Darkness]]. The Darkness was eventually defeated and trapped to maintain [[the Cosmic Balance]], to serve as lock and key to the Darkness' cage, God created a [[Mark of Cain|Mark]]. It was given to Lucifer, His most trusted archangel. The Mark eventually began assert a will of its own, corrupting Lucifer, and becoming the first [[curse]]. The Mark enhanced Lucifer's anger and jealousy , and when God commanded the angels to bow before humanity.,<ref name="ten23" /> Lucifer began arguing with his brothers, primarily Michael, who loyally followed their Father's word as law. Lucifer led an unsuccessful rebellion in [[Heaven]], which caused him to be cast out and to [[Fallen Angels|fall from grace]]. He was subsequently imprisoned in [[Lucifer's Cage|a Cage]] by Michael, sometime after passing the Mark on to [[Cain]]. Gabriel was in turn disgusted with his brother's behavior, he refrained from choosing sides by retreating to Earth and masquerading as the [[Trickster]], [[Loki]].<ref name="five08">[[5.08 Changing Channels]]</ref> after rescuing the demigod from his imprisonment by the other Norse pantheon. In God's absence, Michael took over the entire [[The Host of Heaven|Host of Heaven]] while Raphael continued his responsibilities as an archangel.
According to [[Metatron]], the archangels, in their despair decided to take over the universe themselves after God left Heaven. Metatron realized that he and the [[Tablets|Word of God]] were needed to do so, so he fled to Earth seeking refuge for the tablets and himself. The archangels were unable to locate Metatron due to his extreme isolation from Heaven, and their plans were delayed. Metatron was also cut off from Heaven making him unaware of the archangels' fates until contact with the Winchester brothers.<ref name="eight21">[[8.21 The Great Escapist]]</ref> In the demon tablet, Metatron was falsely identified as an archangel.<ref name="eight07">[[8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin]]</ref>

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