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14.06 Optimism

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Outside Memphis, Tennessee, Sam and Charlie sit in silence in a blue pick-up truck parked across from an empty bus shelter where Charlie says four people have gone missing.
Jack tells Dean that he was left at the Bunker so that someone would be around when Dean returned, because Sam is worried about him. Jack tells him that what happened with [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]] is not Dean’s fault. Jack has found the death in McCook, Nebraska, and wants to check it out with Dean. Dean says he’ll go check it out alone, but Jack objects, telling Dean that everyone is supposed to hunt with a partner and Jack needs something to do. Finally agreeing to the hunt, Dean call calls Sam and lets him know.
In McCook, Dean and Jack, posing as FBI agents, interview a waitress at Winston’s regular breakfast diner. The waitress, Wanda, advises them to find Harper because she was close to the victim. Jack and Dean continue questioning people and find out that Harper is really sweet and popular, although she has bad luck with men.

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