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Supernatural Scrapbook July-Dec 2008

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'''July 20''' Jim Beaver reports on his MySpace: "Jim is home from work at 3:44 a.m. (of course, we hoisted a few for Jared's birthday, so there's that)"
[[Image:J2 Comic Con 2008.jpg|thumb|right|The boys clown around for the press]]
'''July 26-27''' [[Comic Con 2008]]
* Kripke, Sera Gamble, and Ben Edlund joined Jared and Jensen with a surprise appearance from the Ghostfacers.
*Both Jensen and Jared would love to do a western-themed episode, though Jared mentioned that he couldn't see the boys in spurs and cowboy hats. "Assless chaps?" Kripke asked. "Yes, please," Jensen responded.
* Kripke coins the phrase "necro-riffic" - in relation to fans being fond of Dean's bodily fluids even if they were fluids oozing from a decomposing corpse.
[[Image:J2 Comic Con 2008.jpg|thumb|right|The boys clown around for the press]].
'''August''' Jared gets a rare week off - which he spends in Hawaii - during the filming of [[4.03 In The Beginning]].
It's something that comes naturally. Jensen's got a big old crush on me, and I just sort of try and play of it. I've told him many times nothings going to happen, I'm not like that, but I play of it. No we're pretty laid back guys, were both from Texas, and sort of like to get our work done and have a good time. Not really like drama kings. I've worked with guys who need some sort of conflict, and a like "did you here what blah blah said aboiut blah blah?" And I'm like c'mon just relax, you work 14 hour days anyways, its not worth getting bent up about stupid things. It came pretty naturally, we're pretty similar. We actually live together right now, so even at night, we get home from set, and we've seen each other for 12 hours, and we're like 'Wanna play guitar? Cool" you know, until we go to sleep or something.</blockquote>
[[Image:JensenPadalecki.jpg|thumb|right|Mistitled Tv Guide Interview]]
'''October 28''' Je t'aime.
Yes, together, but with the purest of intentions , even if he's constantly harrassing me for sexual favors." (laughs)
[[Image:Surprisejdm.jpg|thumb|right|jared Jared with Jeffrey Dean Morgan]]
"As a matter of fact, he bought this house last year and I was living together with a friend of mine in my apartment. Then, my friend moved back to L.A. Jared, then asked me to move in with him in that gigantic house of his. I think he was feeling a little lonely with just his dogs to keep him company. So, that’s how we became the next housemates of Jared's place. It made a lot of sense, since we already spent a lot of time with each other while we’re on set. We’re pretty much like brothers and we’re the best of friends. We hardly ever argue at all.</blockquote>
[[Image:Eye of the Tiger.jpg|thumb|right]]
'''November 3'''
[ New Promo pics].[[[[Image:Season four promo pic.jpg|thumb|right|Season Four promo pic]].
'''November 14''' [[Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2008]]
* The boys do breakfast and Jensen talks about who takes longer to get ready in the morning:
Who takes longer to get ready in the morning? Jared, of course, was the undisputed answer and Jensen joked that he was going to write a book called Waiting for Jared. When prompted Jensen agrees that jared Jared is the girl in their relationship.[[Image:3041848449 faa22e3cc9.jpg|300px|right]]
This joke resurfaced later when Jared was trying to get shuffled off the stage for Jensen's alone time and he sort of refused to go, dancing on stage and doing a fake strip tease and generally just annoying the crap out of Jensen. </blockquote>
Yeah, we did that yesterday. He sort of talks about his time in Hell and he knocked it out of the park. He did an amazing job, he's a fantastic actor and always impresses me. Just watching him do it - it was his coverage I didn't even have a camera on me - I was just watching him and I started to like, tears were rolling down my cheek and I was going, [fake sniffles and eye wiping]'s dusty...something flew in my eye.
 '''November 24'''
[ In an interview about Christmas Cottage and F13th], Jared on working with Jensen, and the bond with the whole crew:

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