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Supernatural Scrapbook July-Dec 2008

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* Supernatural Scrapbook Jan-June 2008
'''July 16''' Supernatural magazine #5.
Jared on trying to get Jensen to 'break' while filming.
'''August 18''' Happy Birthday
[ Jensen along with Danneel and Steve Carlson], is photographed at Mike Johns birthday party in LA.
'''August 20'''
We get our first glimpse of the trailer for - A Christmas Cottage and more pics of Jared looking adorable in chunky handknits.
'''August 24''' Gag Reel.
The Gag Reel from the Season 3 DVDs appears online with lots of boy hugging and "I love you" and funnies and more pop culture references than ...well an episode of Supernatural. Can you pick 'em?
On 7 September, 2008, the Red Bull Soap Box Derby was held in Vancouver. As part of the event there were celebrity races. Jared and Jensen, in matching, named hockey jerseys, were among the competitors. For the record - Jared beat Jensen. He donated his $1000 prize to [ St. Jude's Children Research Hospital] and Jensen donated his $500 to [ Doctors Without Borders].
* Video of [ the race]
'''September 10'''
[ Debbie from Buddy TV visited the set] during the filming of "Yellow Fever". In the intro post before any interviews were posted she mentioned:
Jared: Oh, really, oh, is that what he was saying, that I take a long time getting ready. Uh, that's because in the morning, I wake up, and I work out, and I, I, uh, lift weights in my gym, and then I run, I'll run my dogs, or I'll run on my treadmill or something. And he basically rolls his little pretty ass out of bed and gets in the shower and primps, and he's ready to go. He's in his mirror about forty minutes before pickup time, making sure he looks good, while I'm pounding the pavement, trying to work out. "Take a long time getting ready," I'm gonna whup his ass.</blockquote>
'''September 15''' It's all about the Beaver.<br>
From an interview with Jim:
'''26 September''' [[The Beast With Two Backs]]
The last issue of Supernatural "Rising Son", a six page comic by Eric Kripke was included by "The Beast with two backs". It starred the Ghostfacer, and a ridiculously handsome monster that managed to imply Kripke supported both [[Wincest]] and [[J2]], as well as taking the piss out of both the Show and the fans!
'''September 26-28''' [[EyeCon September 2008]]
* Jim Beaver continues the transition by wearing a Mythbusters "I do all my own stunts" t-shirt

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