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Supernatural Scrapbook Jan-June 2008

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Favorite quote:
It's kinda two stories. A guy asked Jared to share a dirty secret from the set, something that's not usually published. Of course, there was a o_O moment, and Jared said he'd get back to him on that. It became kind of an in-joke after that whenever Jared slipped. Someone asked what he'd done to improve his performance even more this third season, and he just deadpanned "Drugs." Then he laughed, said, "no, not drugs" then turned to the first guy and said, "Ah, dirty secret."<br><br>
Well, someone asked about him working with Sandy and if it was difficult. He mentioned (and I'm trying to remember it all since I didn't exactly take notes) that it was kinda hard to turn off the history between the two of them. Like, he spends a lot of time with Jensen too, but he doesn't kiss public. "Dirty secret." *cue laughtrack* [ source]

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