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Supernatural Scrapbook July-Dec 2008

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'''October 23:''' Eye of the Ackles.
At the end of [[4.06 Yellow Fever]] there was a "special presentation " - Jensen miming "Eye of the Tiger" [ in an unrehearsed outtake]. The man sure can play ass guitar!
'''October 25:''' [[Mean to Dean]]
[ Kripke releases a statement] following the airing of [[4.06 Yellow Fever]] - the only time (as of August 09) that [[Eric Kripke]] has ever responded to fan reaction to an episode. Kripke was concerned that in watching the episode, fans had got caught up in whether Dean had caught the [[Ghost Sickness]] and missed the foreshadowing of his darker secret relating to what he did in Hell.
'''November 3:'''
We just have a great crew, I mean our crew who works on the show most of them I’d say over 90% of them have been with us since season one. Alot of them have actually taken pay cuts to keep working on the show, because the show hasn’t been getting alot of support from whoever are the powers that be and the American dollar took a big hit and so we kinda, not only did we not get a raise in the show we kind of effectively got our budget cut like 200 thousand dollars. So they had to cut alot of salaries.</blockquote>
[[Image:Jared4.jpg|thumb|right|Jared with rescue puppy Mika]]
'''November 25''': [ Bob Singer gives a classic interview] - basically amounting to "No Comment!"
November 25: [ Bob Singer gives a classic interview] - basically amounting to "No Comment!"
[[Image:Jared4.jpg|thumb|right|Jared with rescue puppy Mika]]
'''December 7''':
[ Jared attends a fundraiser] in L.A. for the dog rescue charity [ A Dogs Life], for which he is an official supporter.

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