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Supernatural: Witch's Canyon

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Sam and Dean have set out on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, but this is no vacation for the brothers. On a stretch of deserted ranchland just beyond the canyon's stunning vistas, mysterious murder sprees have occurred every forty years. The area's inhabitants have been few and far between in the years past, but a nearby mega-mall is about to celebrate its grand opening-and attract thousands of fresh victims.
The Winchester boys are determined to protect locals and shoppers alike, but they never anticipated they'd be fighting a group of killers, this vicious, this vindictive, this...dead. A deadly horde of animal spirits and human ghosts has arisen to terrorize this tiny corner of the Arizona desert. If Sam and Dean can't figure out why, the wide-open spaces of teh the West will once again become a desolate frontier...and the witch's canyon will be the brothers' final resting place.
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