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#REDIRECT {{RecurringCharacters|image= |name= The Angel of Death, Hades (biblical name) |actor= |dates= ?|location= realms unknown, now currently on Earth |occupation= Horseman of the Apocalypse, The Head [[Reaper]]|episodes= [[5.10 Abandon All Hope]] }} The '''Angel of Death''' (commonly called '''Hades''' or '''Azrael''') is one of the '''Four Horsemen''' prophesied to herald the beginning of the [[Apocalypse]]. In order to manifest, Death has to be brought to Earth via a summoning ritual that has to take place on the ground of a great massacre and requires the sacrifice of women, children, and demon-possessed men. The [[Fallen Archangel]] [[Lucifer]] performed this ritual in Carthage, Missouri as part of his initiation of Judgment Day. The Angel of Deathhas not made an appearance on [[Supernatural]] to date, as his visage was kept hidden during the rising. The only sight was a shadow falling over Lucifer as he stood in reverence, speaking; "''Oh... Hello, Death.''"  The song [[O Death]] was used during promos for Season 5.  ===[[5.10 Abandon All Hope]]===[[Lucifer]] undertakes a ritual to release [[Death]]. He chooses the town of Carthage where during there was terrible battle during the Civil War known as the Battle of Hellhole. The land where it took place is on William Jasper's farm. The ritual involves killing all the women and children in the town, and then the men, who are possessed by demons, sacrifice themselves.He then performs an invocation. Death is as yet unseen.  ==Notes==*Death's biblical name is '''Hades'''. *See also [ The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Antichrist]      [[Category: Canon]][[Category: Characters]][[Category:Demonology]][[Category:Angel Lore]]

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