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The Newsletter has generally avoided controversy. Occasionally individual fans will feel their fic is not being linked to. Often this is because the stories do not comply with the newsletter requirements to list the pairing and rating. Fans can leave a comment on the newsletter to request a story or work is linked.
While [[Shipping wars]] are minor in Sueprantural Supernatural fandom compared to others, the [[Spnnewsletter|Supernatural Newsletter]] has been involved. [[Dean/Castiel]] fic is included in "other slash", however some fans of the [[OTP]] feel it deserved its own category. In October 2009, the [ Dean/Castiel] newsletter was created. In January 2010, the community [ SamDean OTP] started its own weekly newsletter for fanworks featuring only [[Wincest]]. Both these journals featured around 200 watchers, compared with over 5,700 fans following the [[Spnnewsletter|Supernatural Newsletter]]
* All of the fic listed in the newsletter is tagged [ here] at by black_samvara. For more on this project see [[Supernatural Fic Link Archive]]

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